Partner Support

Part­ner Sup­port for Men’s Behav­iour Change Program

As part of their Marra’ka Mbar­in­t­ja Fam­i­ly Vio­lence Pre­ven­tion Pro­gram, Tan­gen­tyere Coun­cil runs the Men’s Behav­iour­al Change Pro­gram (MBCP). These pro­grams exist to sup­port women and chil­dren to be safe. Men who use vio­lence, con­trol or abuse in their inti­mate and fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships attend week­ly ses­sions to talk about vio­lence, and how they can make change. 

A con­di­tion of the MBCP is that one of our Women’s Safe­ty Sup­port Work­ers con­tacts you if your part­ner or ex-part­ner is going to be on the pro­gram. This is to make sure you get sup­port and infor­ma­tion while he is going through the program.

We offer part­ner sup­port to you because we recog­nise that domes­tic, fam­i­ly, and sex­u­al vio­lence is more com­mon­ly expe­ri­enced by women because of male behav­iours that are about pow­er and control.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, some men believe women are not equal, that women are less impor­tant and that vio­lence towards them is ok. We are here to sup­port women and to advo­cate for men’s behav­iour­al change.

No women are referred to us through the MBCP from Tangentyere.