Crisis Accommodation

Cri­sis Accommodation

Our Alice Springs shel­ter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need help or sup­port, call 08 8952 6075.

At Women’s Safe­ty Ser­vices of Cen­tral Aus­tralia, we pro­vide sup­port and imme­di­ate shel­ter for you and your chil­dren or grandchildren.

An aver­age stay for most women is any­where from a few days, to a few weeks. Our shel­ter is high secu­ri­ty and has 30 beds.

Our focus is to pro­vide a space for you, where you can feel safe and sup­port­ed, while you decide what to do next. When you come to us we respect your pri­va­cy — what you tell us remains confidential.

Along with case man­age­ment, risk assess­ment, safe­ty plan­ning and emer­gency relief, we can also refer you to oth­er ser­vices in town, such as our coun­selling appoint­ments, to get the sup­port you need.

Safe­ty Plan­ning and Risk Assessment

Our staff can work along­side you to sup­port you to make a plan for you to be safe.

Your safe­ty plan focus­es on your needs, your sit­u­a­tion, and what keeps you safe. This might include:

  • talk­ing about who the safe peo­ple in your life are

  • arrang­ing a domes­tic vio­lence order (DVO)

  • let­ting the police know about your situation

  • relo­cat­ing you to a dif­fer­ent house, town or com­mu­ni­ty if necessary.

Sup­port­ing Your Children

Chil­dren are often unin­ten­tion­al vic­tims of domes­tic and fam­i­ly vio­lence. We want them to feel safe and sup­port­ed too, when they come to the shel­ter with you. 

All of our staff work to cre­ate a pos­i­tive atmos­phere that sup­ports chil­dren and focus­es on their indi­vid­ual needs. Sta­bil­i­ty dur­ing times of cri­sis is real­ly impor­tant for chil­dren, so we try to:

  • main­tain routines

  • sup­port you to make sure they can keep going to school

  • pro­vide a hap­py and healthy envi­ron­ment for them to learn, play and feel safe.

We have facil­i­ties set up for chil­dren of all ages, includ­ing a new play­ground and activ­i­ty space. We also have a fam­i­ly room equipped with games, movies, paints, crafts and books.

We can also refer chil­dren to oth­er ser­vices if they need more help.